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When you join WorkRocket you will enjoy the unique experience of unlimited individual success while benefiting from being part of an award winning world-class team of Applicant Development specialists.

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Account Manager

As an Account Manager with WorkRocket you lead the way! You are the “voice” of WorkRocket. Account Managers at WorkRocket know that everyday offers something new and different. Every company has unique applicant development needs so you do more than just “present a service” you are the specialist recommending creative solutions to help clients identify, reach, and attract the people they want to hire.

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Client Services Rep

As an Client Services / Marketing Representative with WorkRocket you are the trusted resource that makes the magic happen. You help transform boring job descriptions into exciting and compelling messages that inspire people to find out about and apply to our client’s job openings. Your days are filled with amazing opportunities to learn about different types jobs across a wide range of industries.

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Administrative Support

In an administrative support role with WorkRocket you are the glue that holds everything together. You will be involved in a wide range of activities that are critical to keeping our team and our office running smoothly. From handling incoming phone calls, processing invoices, and helping with data input to exciting special projects that will keep your skills sharp. You’ll never get bored with your day.

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It all started with a simple truth: people matter.

It’s about so much more than just filling a position. It’s about finding the one person that can add something new and exciting to the role. It’s about finding the person that was born to do that job.

That’s where we come in.

WorkRocket was founded with that belief in mind. We are in the business of making connections and getting to know our clients, their opportunities, and their challenges. What sets us apart is that we realize that these connections are not just fleeting moments, but opportunities for long-term, meaningful interactions. By focusing on both the client’s individualized needs and on the needs of job seekers on a personal level, WorkRocket has quickly became a recognized leader in the unique field of Applicant Development.

How we work at WorkRocket: WorkRocket fills a gap between classic recruiting and the typical job post service. Both potential employees and their employers were missing out on a key piece of the puzzle.

How do we do it?

That’s where you come in.

When you join WorkRocket you will be part of a team of dedicated people who are experts in their respective industries. You will get the training and hands on experience to become a trusted advisor to companies across a broad range of industries. From biotech and engineering to hospitality and construction. You will learn how to successfully help companies attract, connect with, and hire talented people for all types of positions. To date, the WorkRocket team has helped hundreds of companies across all industries fill anywhere from entry-level positions to C-Suite roles.

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