How to reveal a job candidate’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Emotional Intelligence Interview

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is becoming a common term in the business world as it has proven to be an important factor in employee success. Additionally, with the importance of company culture today, EQ may be the most important factor in building a great one.

EQ is essentially a person’s ability to understand and relate to those around them. EQ helps us better understand another person, how they think, and what is on their mind.  The more intuition and empathy we are capable of exhibiting the more EQ we possess.

While emotional intelligence is not typically an active consideration when selecting new employees, it should be. Employees better at understanding the thoughts and needs of others can make better decisions and gain support throughout the organization.  This leads to great success for themselves and for the company. We can provide and teach the technical tools needed for success, but we cannot teach another person emotional intelligence.

Adding some questions to your interviews can reveal any candidate’s EQ and their likelihood of success with your company. Below are a few behavioral questions that can help identify emotional intelligence:

  • It is sometimes very difficult to perceive the needs, values, or opinions of others. Tell me about a time when you were able to think like another person in order to discover his or her unique perspective.
  • Tell me about a time when you were proud of your ability to recognize how another person felt. Describe what happened in a way which will illustrate your ability to accurately understand another person.
  • Understanding people can be an important skill. At work, when has your analysis of another’s motives and feelings paid off for you?
  • Different people have different motivators. When have you been successful in discovering a key person’s motivation and using that knowledge to bring about an important change? Be specific


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