Expanding your pool of applicants will allow you to bring more qualified candidates

When searching for your next employee, do not limit yourself to only applicants with experience relevant to your open position.

We have all experienced a situation where we hired an employee with “perfect” qualifications, who ended up being unsuccessful. We can also recall employees hired without the perfect background that ended up a tremendous success. Therefore, having “required” knowledge and experience for a given role often results in:

  • Overlooking what is most important for success
  • Unnecessarily limiting the applicant pool of viable candidates

A simple solution to avoid these missteps is to:

  • Take a minute to think of employees you have observed or can observe that have been successful in the role you are looking to fill. This may include yourself or employees no longer with your company
  • List the actions and behaviors they engaged in that caused them to be most successful. This list represents the “success characteristics” for the position

Employing the “success characteristics” as the primary criteria for hiring will help you:

  • Expand your applicant pool by not limiting your search to the technical requirements of the job you are looking to fill
  • Hire people who will be more likely to succeed


Using this simple solution can help ensure you find the right fit for your open position, and also the company. This aligns closely to a previous post we made, How to reveal a candidate’s emotional intelligence, and incorporating behavioral questioning components to your search.  Knowledge and technical skills can be provided and learned, while behavioral characteristics are fixed and difficult to learn and change as a an adult.

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