How to Land Your Dream Job and Career, Pt. 2

Crafting Your Message.

Maybe you could “Luck Into” your dream job and career. But, do you really want to depend on luck for your future?

A proactive approach will win-out over luck almost every time. Becoming pro-active in landing your dream job starts with self-assessment. Ponder these questions as you gather information used to craft the attention getting message that will get you in front of key managers within the field, industry or discipline you want to move into or up in:

  • What are the roles I am interested in right now?
  • What is the difference in results between a person who is average and one who is above average in each of these roles?
  • What are the actions and behaviors successful people engage in who are in these roles?
  • What are the common characteristics of successful people in these roles?
  • What else, if anything, do these people have in common?

Getting good answers to these questions might require you to engage people currently within the industry and in these roles in conversations. By taking this simple step you will already positively stand out. The more people you communicate with in your dream field the “luckier” you get.

Once you know most of the answers to the questions it is time for your self-assessment.

Begin to identify:

  • Your experiences and successes that relate to the best practices of above average performers that you identified through your conversations
  • Examples of specific events or times in your life that demonstrate the actions and behaviors necessary for above average success in the jobs and career of your dreams
  • Any specific knowledge necessary for success that you possess

With your self-assessment complete you can craft the powerful message that will open the job and career doors you want opened. This is not the time to be humble.

Your message should include:

  • A brief statement about your career goal and your roles of interest
  • Bullet points that highlight and demonstrate times and situations where you engaged in the actions and behaviors that match those necessary for success in your dream jobs
  • The positive results associated with the aforementioned actions and behaviors you engaged in
  • Your characteristics that align with the success characteristics identified in above average performers in your dream jobs
  • A summary of benefits the company you are reaching out to can anticipate with you as their new employee (related to what an above average employee in a similar job would provide)
  • A call to action such as, “Please let me know a time when we can speak or get together to talk about roles where I might be a benefit to your company.”


In Part III we will communicate how to put your message to work for you and land your dream job and career.

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