How to Land Your Dream Job and Career

Part 1:

Everyone has a dream job, but based on the person, that job may look different depending on their values. For some people, they may desire a big paycheck and title. For others, they may want a job that makes a positive impact on the world by helping people. Whatever your dream may be, there are ways to get the job and career you dream about.

So what’s your dream job?

We put together a small list of simple ideas to get started:

  • Identify the job and career you want 10 to 20 years from now. While you can land a great job, dream careers require a lot of thought and time.
  • List the jobs you can pursue now that have the possibility of leading to the dream career of your future. Be expansive in your thinking. Would you take an unpaid internship inside a company that could get you starting experience in the field and career you dream about?  Would you consider a lower level position then you originally had in mind to open the door inside the industry you want to be part of?
  • Identify all companies and offices of companies related to the industry, field or discipline you see yourself becoming part of. Include companies and offices within geographies you are even remotely open to.
  • Identify key managers within each of the companies and offices that have responsibilities for the areas of interest you listed above.
  • Make every effort to gain some form of contact information for each of the managers on the above list.

This is your start.  You can get what you want so long as you are open to taking the actions needed to get it!

In our next communication we will provide ideas on creating the message that will gain the attention of the people who hold the key to your dream job….

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