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campaign strategy


Campaign Strategy and Copywriting

At the heart of each and every campaign we create is something very special and unique. It’s a story. A story about your company and the opportunity you have to offer prospective employees.

What you won’t find is a boring, static, and lifeless job description (there are hundreds of thousands out there already).

WorkRocket is different. Our process is not robotically posting or emailing generic cut-and-paste job templates with an impersonal job description in the hope that we will have success.

We are real people with proven experience. We are experts in leveraging leading software, tools, and techniques to successfully navigate today’s overwhelmingly complex online world. Including social media, job boards, networking sites, and direct email marketing.

WorkRocket crafts a compelling, engaging, and professional message about your open job that will motivate the right candidates for your staffing needs. Our highly trained applicant development specialists deliver that message directly to the inboxes and social media feeds of people that are personally selected and targeted for your job opportunity.

Bottom-line: A better message to more of the right people increases the number of qualified applicants you receive, enhances your employment brand, and improves the quality of the people you hire.



Applicant Sourcing

The Foundation of any successful hiring initiative is a solid plan for sourcing talent.

Before we begin to actively get your career opportunity in front of potential applicants, we focus ourselves exclusively on you. We invest the time to understand your firm, your industry, the labor market relevant to your job openings, and any other key information about the position being filled. We utilize this information to seek out qualified candidates in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Once we thoroughly understand your need, we develop a data-driven sourcing strategy to target both passive and active candidate pools.

All of our customized sourcing strategies encompass the use of a wide range of human capital resources; including our proprietary database of over 2.3 million names and resumes, the major Job Boards, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and mobile apps to identify and engage potential applicants.

We understand the critical importance of sourcing. When it comes to the talent management life-cycle, there is nothing more important than sourcing. That’s because, quite simply, the entire talent management life-cycle is completely dependent upon uncovering and identifying potential talent in the first place. You cannot engage, recruit, hire, or retain and develop someone you haven’t sourced.


workrocket email campaigns

Effective email marketing is both an art and science.

At WorkRocket we are experts in both. We know that highly targeted, personalized emails to a industry and career specific list of qualified people works better than a generic or “laundry list of jobs” bulk emailed by most third party sources. As part of our “High Tech – High Touch” sourcing program every email sent out to a potential applicant always contains the full name and contact information of a WorkRocket Sourcing Specialist.  We know that email campaigns that drive potential job seekers to your unique job opportunity are more effective in generating applicants.

With the WorkRocket Post & Blast Email service we go the extra mile to ensure that you get results. Your job posting is emailed directly to qualified candidates based on your requirements such as industry experience, skill set, education, certifications and geography.

You get the benefits of a professionally written email marketing campaign customized to your company and job opening in addition to exposure on the WorkRocket and national Job Boards.



When you engage WorkRocket you get the benefits of a team of staffing industry experts.

Depending on your requirements we will write a complete job posting or re-write an existing job posting to make it more exciting, compelling, and attractive to potential applicants. In today’s highly competitive job market, a well written job posting and proper employer branding is a crucial tool for attracting and retaining top talent. It helps you hire highly-skilled, motivated, and talented new employees.

It also raises an organization’s visibility in the job market and makes it stand out from the competition.

We utilize social media to take your job posting traditionally a “passive” part of the Applicant Development Process and turn it into an active source of applicants.  With WorkRocket you do not have to login to multiple job boards to post your opening. In fact you do not need to login to anything at all. When you work with us it’s like you have your own Human Resource assistant. Posting is as simple as sending an email to you WorkRocket Account Manager and we do all the rest!


EEOS ATS Screening

Screening Services

A single job posting can attract hundreds of job seekers. However, not all applicants possess the skills or requirements listed in the job description, and, as a result, companies spend too much time sifting through the resumes of the wrong people.

Studies have shown that in many organizations recruiters spend a majority of their time sorting through resumes in their inbox or trying to find candidates from job boards. In most cases over 60% of their time is spent in these areas.

WorkRocket’s resume and phone screening services will allow you to dedicate your time and energy solely to pre-qualified, pre-screened and interested candidates. Our team of highly trained sourcing specialists conduct a visual resume screen based on your specific qualifications and requirements. We review all applicants within 24 hours of them applying to your position.

WorkRocket  also offers you a phone screening option that provides you with higher quality applicants. This level of pre-screening improves the pre-qualification process and helps enhance your employer brand. This level of service helps to further engage the applicants and enables us to dig  deeper into their qualifications, background, and motivation for persuing your opportunity. You receive all the information gathered in the telephone screen in a user friendly format along with the applicants resume. This allows you to save time and focus on only the best applicants while also increasing applicant engagement ensuring that you can hire the best possible person for your opportunity.

Applicant Tracking

When it comes to creating an effective and efficient applicant sourcing program the Applicant Tracking System that you use is critical. WorkRocket utilizes a state-of-the-Art system that allows us to provide you with a customized solution that fits your needs. If you are currently using an ATS we can integrate with your current process or you need to track compliance we can help there too.

If you are using an outdated or manual system and would like to get rid of those cumbersome and time consuming spreadsheets and overflowing email folders, we can help there as well. We can help develop a complete solution for both the management of passive talent AND applicant flow. We can help you create talent pools, facilitate the requisition submittal, approval, and posting process right on through on-line applications and job inquiries to hiring. Including key administrative metrics, custom candidate questionnaires, and diversity tracking /federal compliance features.

EEOC & OFCCP Compliance

We can help you with mandatory equal employment opportunity compliance reporting. When you utilize WorkRocket services through our Applicant Tracking System, compliance is much easier to manage and much less intimidating. Our system is designed with regulatory compliance in mind, giving you the ability to cut down on paperwork while streamlining the reporting process. Helping You Stay Compliant with EEOC Reporting is easy with WorkRocket.

The applicant tracking software utilized by WorkRocket is equipped to handle a variety of tasks related to compliance. This includes collecting, organizing and managing applicant data automatically, and without the help of HR personnel. With our standard EEOC Compliance Report, you can collect, organize and manage your EEOC-required applicant data automatically, which will save you time. The software can also collect and report on employment data separate from applicant data. We can also assist you with OFCCP-mandated compliance by using user access tracking to record all views or changes to applicant records, regardless of the reason.

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