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When searching for your next employee, do not limit yourself to only applicants with experience relevant to your open position. We have all experienced a situation where we hired an employee with “perfect” qualifications, who ended up being unsuccessful. We can also recall employees hired without the perfect background that ended up a tremendous success.

Emotional Intelligence Interview

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is becoming a common term in the business world as it has proven to be an important factor in employee success. Additionally, with the importance of company culture today, EQ may be the most important factor in building a great one. EQ is essentially a person’s ability to understand and relate to

This is a common question asked by companies thinking about the use of recruiting services. Initially, one might guess that the difference is as simple as how the recruiting agency is paid for their services. The contingency recruiter receives their fee only when the company hires a candidate they referred, conversely under a retained search